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I offer you words of inspiration, of comfort, of pleasure, of encouragement. From my heart to yours.

It’s Gaara!!! xD
She made an amazing Gaara (my favorite Naruto character!!), and she was so nice! *I even got a hug :P*

Stay awesome, Gaara Cosplayer!

kaurawr said: your cissnei cosplay is spot on! you look great!

Wow, Kaurawr, thank you so much for the compliment! :)  I really appreciate it, and I’m glad you enjoyed.  Cissnei is one of my favorite Final Fantasy characters, so it’s an honor to be able to do her.  “Wings symbolize freedom!”

What a beautiful day!  I (cosplaying as Cissnei) met her voice actor, Carrie Savage.  It was amazing! xD  She was so sweet to me, and even recognized me as her character (and she took a picture of me!)  I told her that Cissnei was a big inspiration to me, but I really wish I would have delved even deeper to how important Cissnei is to me.  I relate to the character so much.  *Wings symbolize freedom!*  *I want those wings too!*

She requested to take some pictures together!  Best Con moment ever!

And she signed my Cissnei badge!  Now I will carry her signature every time I cosplay Cissnei. <3  I am so honored.

Excuse me while I fangirl. xD

Forty-four Leadership Tips to Live and Lead By (Leadercast)

Image source: https://www.xorbia.com/img/accounts/1614/event/leadercast2014_logo2.jpg

I attended Leadercast 2014, and here are the highlights of the inspiration and knowledge you can glean from:

1.  It’s not just about YOU.  It’s about THEM.
2.  Take #Yousies, instead of #selfies.  Brag about another instead of yourself on social media.
3.  A “Beyond-You” leader is a leader who fearlessly and selflessly empowers other leaders around them, as well as those coming along behind them.
4.  Pour your self into someone, even if there’s no “benefit” to be had.
5.  The value of a life is always measured by how much of it is given away.
It’s not about how much you did…but about how much you gave away.
6.  Learn to empower others to make decisions.  Your job is to just ensure that those decisions are right.
7.  Work for your team.  “What can I do to help?”
8.  You are often smarter than you think.  You can do BIG stuff!
9.  Be someone’s motivator.  Meet with them, and encourage, and believe in them.  Be that one who took the time to take them under your wing.
10.  If your leadership isn’t all about you, it will live beyond you.
11.  Stand in the void, and bridge the gap.
12.  You are the leader that the world is waiting for.
13.  Be a leader worth following.
14.  Create spaces for others to grow.  Give up some of your control—just define what another will control.
15.  Live with no regret.  Don’t keep one foot on the pier and one foot on the boat.  You won’t get anywhere that way.
16.  Use your platform wisely.
17.  Never fail to see the future.
18.  Thank those who work behind the scenes.
19.  Good leaders listen.
20.  Good leaders are accountable.
21.  Good leaders know when to retire.
22.  Reach out to those less fortunate than you, and offer love.
23.  Open up your eyes and heart.  See beyond your world.
24.  “Throw a lifeline to those in need, or grab hold of it if it is thrown to you.”
25.  Believe in someone as people have believed in you.
26.  Lead by example.
27.  Kindness can change lives.
28.  “An invisible thread connects those who are destined to meet, regardless of time place and circumstance.  The thread may stretch or tangle, but it will never break.”—Chinese Proverb
29.  Nothing teaches more than experience.
30.  Have people around who love to laugh.
31.  Popularity is fleeting.
32.  In stressful times, it’s important to carry on with the normal, simple things of our lives as though nothing were wrong.
33.  Treat all people fairly.
34.  “We are all heroes.  We must save the world.”
35.  What can I do with my life to make my biggest impact?
36.  Be open in every situation.
37.  Be ready to answer to opportunity.
38.  Celebrate your victories.
39.  Don’t let anyone take away your winner’s dream.
40.  Leaders are willing to sacrifice themselves for others.
41.  The only characteristic that leaders need: courage.
42.  Leadership is a practice.
43.  Tell the truth.
44.  Leadership: choose to look after other people.

Can a Fallen Angel Find Forgiveness?




It wasn’t this cold

Last time

I don’t


This sting

It feels like the needles

I left in my past

- - -

But you…

I haven’t forgotten

I haven’t left you


- - -

Pain and shadows

Steal my memories

Death encroaches

That last bullet

Struck true

Everything fades

- - -

Can a fallen angel

Find forgiveness?

- - -

Lying here

Beneath the sky you feared

I wonder

Just what

Does my future hold?

I have never truly lived

A SOLDIER does not question

Merely fights

And kills

And hopes to stay alive

And I wonder now

Was I ever truly


- - -



It wasn’t this beautiful

Last time

I don’t remember

How soothing

It felt

And now

Once more

I feel your hand

In mine


You give me

Your answer

A fallen angel

Can find


Dear Writer


     There is power in your pen, dear writer,

     Yes, much power.

     You are a writer…

     …are you not?

     You have the power to build…

     And to destroy.

     Demolishing is easy…

     But building up again?

     Ah, now you see.

     Readers are watching.

     And they are reading.

     They cannot understand a writer’s life.

     Perhaps not.

     But, you are still obligated.

     You are their guide.

     Did you know that?

     They’re watching what you do,

     And are mimicking.

     They are trying to escape their world.

     Send them back.

     But do not send them empty.

     Let them make friends along the way.

     Give them an adventure or two.

     They have questions about life.

     Give them answers.

     Help them to see moral truths.

     Give them role models to follow.

     Like a parent, you guide them

     But the time draws near,

     And without regrets,

     You must let them go.

     Then, dear writer,

     They’ll leave your book…

     But not the same.    

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